The Helios Theatrical Litter 

Whelped 12 September 2002

(Hewly Helios Hector X Ch Helicon Moon Rising)

Litter bred by Darlene Klein and Sheryl Bartel

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Helios High Hope (Hope)

Sheryl Bartel and Steve Johnston

major pointed

Helios High Heels (Diva) 

Dale and Margo O'Brien

Helios High Praise (Patty)

Elizabeth McMorran and Darlene Klein

Ch Helios High Tension (Tessa)

Don Aronson and Paul Everitt

Helios High Price (Pricey) 

Darlene Klein


Helios High Top (Topper)

Darlene Klein

Helios High Drama (Drummer)

Sandra Holman and Sheryl Bartel

major pointed

Helios High Shine (Phaze) 

Karin Helmich and Robin Muench


7 week Puppies at play

Topper and Price

Phase and Drummer

Patty and Hope