Greyhound Coursing and Lure Coursing


COURSING: The World's oldest field sport. Chasing live game in a contest between game and dog, with the intent to test the dogs while the game goes free. As distinguished from HUNTING which is to catch the game for dinner. In US coursing three dogs are released by owners or handlers; in UK coursing two dogs are released by a professional slipper. In US coursing the huntmaster gives the signal to release when the prey - jack rabbit in the US - has sufficient "law" or headstart. In UK coursing the slipper releases the dogs after a certain amount of "law" or headstart is given to the prey - the hare in UK. Judges score the dogs on the run-up and the work they put on the hare. In the US the judge is on foot and uses binoculars, in the UK the judge is on horseback.

LURE COURSING: Chasing an artificial lure (usually plastic bags) dragged along the ground in a set course, either using drag or closed loop string. Dogs are scored by the judge for follow, enthusiasm, agility, speed, and endurance. For more information see the ASFA sight, linked below.

North American Clubs Sponsoring LURE Coursing Competition:

ASFA - American Sighthound Field Association - The pioneer in lure coursing starting in the early 1970's.

AKC - American Kennel Club - a late comer to offering titles (since AKC wants to be everything to dog owners) with slightly different titles and requirements.

Clubs Sponsoring COURSING Competition:

NCC - The National Coursing Club - since 1858 the voice of coursing in England. (The first coursing club in England was organized in 1757.)

NOFCA - The National Open Field Coursing Association - US. The National Open Field Coursing Association organizes hunts in California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

NACA - The North American Coursing Association - US - The NACA hosts hunts in the Rocky Mountain area,  Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Colorado.

Photos of Helios dogs lure coursing

"Harvey" - Am/ Intnl Ch Helicon Harvest Moon, SC

Remy - Am/Can/Intnl Ch Talos Creole Love Call, SC

Other Greyhound Running Activities

(non-commercialized - for more information and rules see the links below)

NOTRA - National Oval Track Racing Association - sponsors same breed oval racing working toward the ORC - Oval Racing Champion - title.

LGRA - Large Gazehound Racing Association - sponsors competition in straight running following a lure running 200 yards on a straight flat track. Points are earned toward a GRC - Gazehound Racing Championship.